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Based on the lines of its predecessor ,the FAREAST 19R, follow the lines from FAREAST 23R, 28R and the 31R.The FAREAST 19R is just a bit smaller and  perfect entry level keel boat for clubs, sailing schools or as a perfect recrational day trip boat at the summer house.

The boat is easy to to tow, and can be ramp launched. Fitted with the typical Fareast reverse bow and wide transom, the FAREAST 19R sails easily upwind and can become furious in a good breeze downwind with the centrum fitted bowprit. Double digit Weiterlesen sailing is just around the corner.The boat is designed for 3 people, but can be handled on two or even 4 teens. This makes the boat attractive as a modern club racer and traing boat. The demise of a backstay enables a very modern rig plan with square-top mainsail and big fore triangle, but at the same time no difficult runner lines to be handled in a gybe.
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Yacht Makler:YachtFocus Nieuwbouw
Variabler Tiefgang:nein
Länge:5.91 m
Breite:2.22 m
Tiefgang:1.20 m
Beschreibung:IInheriting the genes from the excellent racing keelboat FAREAST 28R, FAREAST19R has unassailable good sailing performance.

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Yacht Makler:YachtFocus Nieuwbouw
Telefon:+31 (0)20 456 0995
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5.91 m

YachtFocus Nieuwbouw

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