Fareast 23R (DEMO)

Fareast 23R (DEMO) - € 35,000

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Ref. Nr.:4033
Zweite Kategorie:Offene Segeljolle
Preis:€ 35,000
MwSt.:MwSt Bezahlt
Material:GfK - Mischung
Yacht Makler:For Sail Yachtbrokers
Variabler Tiefgang:nein
Länge:7.28 m
Breite:2.55 m
Tiefgang:1.40 m
Beschreibung:DEMO Price - has NOT even been 10 hours in the water. Equipped with Red Rum Sails polyester Laminate mainsail, Jib, Gennaker.
Werft:Fareast Yacht - China
Rumpfform:Rundespant modern designed
Deckaufbau:Polyester-sandwich the deck is a sandwich construction with a moulded non skid pattern and reinforced laminate at mounting positions of deck fittings
Plicht:Heck cockpit
Durchfahrtshöhe:0,01 m
Min. Höhe:120 cm
Tiefgang:140 cm
Max. Tiefgang:140 cm
Länge der Wasserlinie:728 cm
Verdrängung:800 kg
Ballast:350 kg
Steuersystem:Pinne Carbon tiller with a tiller extension
Ruder:Einzeln Carbon rudder - hanging
Kiel/Seitenschwert:Hubkiel T-shape lifting keel with a Carbon fin and a lead bulb and can be lifted with a keel-lift system
Kommentare:New Price is (excl. transport costs) € 41.500 incl. 21% VAT. This Demo is being offered for € 28.925 excl. VAT or € 35.000 incl. 21% VAT. White vacuum infused Iso-Polyester sandwich hull. It is built with an one piece structural inner frame. The new FAREAST 23R is the latest contribution in the FAREAST R-Line (Racing). The FAREAST 23R has been designed to meet the need for an attractive and fast club racing boat. With the pedigree and the lines of the “bigger sister” the FAREAST 28R, the FAREAST 23R is just a bit smaller and therefore easier to tow around and launch from a ramp. Fitted with the typical FAREAST reverse bow and wide transom, the FAREAST 23R sails easily upwind and can become furious in a good breeze downwind. Speeds in the mid teens are no exception at all. A lot of emphasis has been put in a very efficient deck lay-out so that the boat can be sailed by any sailor. Certainly aimed as a grand-prix boat compared to the competition but by no means intimidating. Built to the high quality we are now accustomed to from Far East Boats, the design offers a generous ballast ratio of 44%. This in combination with the high form stability but low wetted surface, makes the FAREAST 23R a stable but slippery yacht. The demise of a backstay enables a very modern rig plan with square-top mainsail, and big foretriangle, but at the same time no difficult runner lines to be handled in a gybe. Our designers at Simonis Voogd Design, have more than 20 years of experience with sports boats, and they know that when the going gets tough you do not want to be hindered by unnecessary rig adjustments. Just sitting back and enjoying the ride, that is what the FAREAST 23R all about!

Stehhöhe:120 cm
Schlafplätze :fest: 2 extra: 2 for an aditional price we can deliver materials to create 2 till 4 berths
Interieurtyp:white/grey GRP
1x Quick-Access Utility Pocket

Motor, Elektronik
For an aditional price we can deliver an outboard engine bracket and an outboard engine

Navigation und Elektronik
We can deliever al requested navigation instruments for an aditional price

Rigg und Segel
Segelplan:Slup 19/20 rigged
Anzahl Masten:1
Mastmaterial:Aluminium Selden 1 spreader mast, boom and Rodkicker (with a gas strut), stainless steel rigging
Stehendes Gut:Stahlseil
Segelfläche:80 m2
Anzahl Segeln:3
Segelmaterial:Laminat Red Rum Sails : Black polyester laminate
Segelhersteller:Red Rum Sails
Großsegel: Red Rum Sails : Square top Black polyester mainsail with one reef
Fock: Red Rum Sails : Black polyester laminate Jib
Gennaker: Red Rum Sails : 0.75 Oz Nylon
Winschen:aluminium Harken Performa winches : 2x 20.2 and 1x Harken winch handle


Abdeckungen: Companionway cover, cover for the complete boat and a cover for the rudder blade
Seereling, Heckkorb, Bugkorb: 300 mm stainless steel railing with a stainless steel Pushpit, Pullpit and stanchions
We can deliver a new and approved road trailer at an aditional price of approx. € 4.500 incl. VAT. The trailer can be deleverd within 4 weeks.

Bilgepumpe: Manuell Manual Jabsco bilge pump in the cockpit

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Yacht Makler:For Sail Yachtbrokers
Telefon:+31 850 060 194
Technische Daten in PDF:PDF für die Fareast 23R (DEMO)

Preis: € 35,000




7.28 m

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